Blue Nano Citrulline Review

Blue Nano Citrulline Review

Blue Nano Citrulline is male enhancement supplement coming from Japan. Popularity of this  supplement for men health in Japan is growing.

I personally tried this product and this is reason why I am writing this Blue Nano Citrulline review.  I bought three month supply of this product and take it every day. Generally you can buy this product just on some Japan websites or sites like eBay. It is hard to find this product in stores outside Japan.

People are usually buying this product because of penis enlargement effect. But I can say you that I did not see any penis enlargement effect. Yes, these Blue Nano Citrulline pills absolutely increase sexual drive, hardness and such things, but do not increase penis size.

I suggest you to buy this product just in case you are looking to treat mild erectile disfunction, get harder and increase libido. This product for me worked just for these three things. For me it does not increased size, sex time or anything like this.

I personally expected much more from this product because official website of this product looks very promising, but Blue Nano Citrulline did not match my expections. I think this product is too expensive for effect that product is offering. These pills are easy to swallow and you can also put them in water and drink them. But in case you want to drink them you will most likely feel some unpleasant taste.

I checked for reviews of this product on different sites and found out that reviews are not really great. I don’t want to give negative impact on Blue Nano Citrulline, I just want to say that product is having some benefits, but maybe not benefits that you are looking for.



Citrulline 99 Review

Citrulline 99

Citrulline 99 is popular male enhancement product in Japan. This product should have different great effects on your body and they claim it is without any side effects. Manufactuer of this product is unknown and it is from Japan – I found some name like Seafood-made medicine and could not find any information about this company. This product is having a great price and you can buy it on different Japan online stores.

Currently it is hard to buy this product outside manufactuer country. In product is about 10 different ingredients and a lot of them known such as L-Arginine, Maca and others. This product should increase your libido (sexual desire), erections and size of penile tissue. Inside this small bottle is 120 pills that are easy to swallow. One bottle cost about 30 dollars or even less. They claim that you will see 5 cm increase in size with one bottle of Citrulline 99.

I can tell you that I personally tested Citrulline 99 and below are my results with these pills.

These pills really increase sexual desire and make erections little harder but about side I can say there is no result for me. So if you are buying these pills for penis enlargement then I could not suggest you to buy Citrulline 99. I am still using these pills and I will add here in case I will see any size increase. This Citrulline 99 Review is created based on my personal experience and informations found online.