Rhino Pills, Rhino 7 Pills, Black Rhino Pills

We can find many different version of Rhino pills on marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Some of these pills may be counterfeit and may not work as advertised and also can have some side effects. Now it is over ten different version of Rhino pills. Which pills are working and which are fake it is hard to determine. Buying male enhancement on eBay, Amazon and such places it is also very risky. You never know what is really inside pills.

I was able to found a lot of different packages of Rhino pills and a lot of different sellers. A lot of seller stollen brand Rhino – but have in mind that is not even registered brand and everybody can use it without any documention. Because of this reason we can find a lot of products starting with word Rhino.

Some of these pills may work, some may be harmful and some may not have any effect. This is a lottery and depends on seller you buy from. If you really want to buy these Rhino pills – even if this are Rhino 7, Black Rhino, Blue Rhino or any other – avoid China, Thailand and such countries because it is higher chance that you will receive bad product.

A lot of Rhino pills is also pretty expensive, but prices are different – all depends on seller and which version you select. I know pills are promising a lot, but it is not always true. And absolutely do not expect that Rhino pills will really increase size, may have just small effect on stamina and time.

I don’t suggest you to buy any of these Rhino products, because it is hard to find who is real manufactuer behind and there is a lot of different versions and a lot of version is nothing else than garbage. I suggest you to buy something more established that works on long term, because Rhino pills do not have long lasting effect.


Mansize 3000 Review

Mansize 3000 is probably one of the cheapest product for male enhancement that you ever seen. Mansize 3000 is produced somewhere in Thailand and most of this supplement is sold through eBay. This product is natural product and should not have any side effects.

Also results vary from person to person, but this product may give you some benefits like bigger, harder, fuller erections and few other effects. This product people order usually because they want to gain some size. This product may have some effect on your size, but this size increase is short time lasting and as soon as you will stop taking these pills, effects will dissapear.

They suggest you to take 6 capsules per day and that is 3000 mg per day. I agree that low doses of ingredients do not have any effect. But generally I could not find any information about ingredients inside these pills on eBay product page. Price of this product is cheap just because of reason that this product is made in Thailand and products from this country are usually really cheap, but this do not mean they are not effective.

I personally think this product is good for male enhancement, but not for penis enlargement but a lot of depends on ingredients itself and ingredients quality. The really bad thing is that shipping can take about two months and because it is coming from 3rd country you may have some problems with customs – depends on country and laws in your country.

In case you have time to wait for slow shipping then you can test this product and see results yourself. As sellers of this product said this product may work for somebody and for some other person this product may not fit. It is hard to find any reviews about this product online as this product is not really popular outside eBay and similar places. But we all know that such products on eBay are a lot of times not effective.

Blue Nano Citrulline Review

Blue Nano Citrulline is male enhancement supplement coming from Japan. Popularity of this  supplement for men health in Japan is growing.

I personally tried this product and this is reason why I am writing this Blue Nano Citrulline review.  I bought three month supply of this product and take it every day. Generally you can buy this product just on some Japan websites or sites like eBay. It is hard to find this product in stores outside Japan.

People are usually buying this product because of penis enlargement effect. But I can say you that I did not see any penis enlargement effect. Yes, these Blue Nano Citrulline pills absolutely increase sexual drive, hardness and such things, but do not increase penis size.

I suggest you to buy this product just in case you are looking to treat mild erectile disfunction, get harder and increase libido. This product for me worked just for these three things. For me it does not increased size, sex time or anything like this.

I personally expected much more from this product because official website of this product looks very promising, but Blue Nano Citrulline did not match my expections. I think this product is too expensive for effect that product is offering. These pills are easy to swallow and you can also put them in water and drink them. But in case you want to drink them you will most likely feel some unpleasant taste.

I checked for reviews of this product on different sites and found out that reviews are not really great. I don’t want to give negative impact on Blue Nano Citrulline, I just want to say that product is having some benefits, but maybe not benefits that you are looking for.



Citrulline 99 Review

Citrulline 99 is popular male enhancement product in Japan. This product should have different great effects on your body and they claim it is without any side effects. Manufactuer of this product is unknown and it is from Japan – I found some name like Seafood-made medicine and could not find any information about this company. This product is having a great price and you can buy it on different Japan online stores.

Currently it is hard to buy this product outside manufactuer country. In product is about 10 different ingredients and a lot of them known such as L-Arginine, Maca and others. This product should increase your libido (sexual desire), erections and size of penile tissue. Inside this small bottle is 120 pills that are easy to swallow. One bottle cost about 30 dollars or even less. They claim that you will see 5 cm increase in size with one bottle of Citrulline 99.

I can tell you that I personally tested Citrulline 99 and below are my results with these pills.

These pills really increase sexual desire and make erections little harder but about side I can say there is no result for me. So if you are buying these pills for penis enlargement then I could not suggest you to buy Citrulline 99. I am still using these pills and I will add here in case I will see any size increase. This Citrulline 99 Review is created based on my personal experience and informations found online.

Sikander E Azam Review

Sikander E Azam are male enhancement pills from India. Pills have weird combination of ingredients inside, pills includes just unknown herbal ingredients from India. Sikander E Azam is very expensive product from India because products from India usually cost just few dollars, but these pills are having price about 80 dollars, price depends on store where you want to buy these pills.

Name of this product is a lot of times messed up with Sikandar E Azam, just one letter is different. I can say this brand name is really weird and usually such products have better brand names, but in this case this should not be weird because it is Indian product. Also there is no any official website or shop, product is selling just on few stores and also I could not find any real reviews about this product.

Some Indian sites are promoting this product as magic pills, they also claims that pills will give you 2 to 3 inch growth just in one month – but that is absolutely not true. I believe this product may increase your libido and make your life better with such things, but about such permanent growth I can say that is false.

In case this pills will really have such powerful effect on penis growth then product owners will absolutely create some official website and sell product worldwide, not just in India. This product is not really popular, due to high price and lack of promotion.

I suggest you to avoid buying this product. Also it is not known who is manufactuer of this product. Why is manufactuer of such great product not presented? It’s big question. I would like to suggest you to buy some more popular product, because with such unpopular products probably you won’t see any results. Also I find online one man who claims this product is having some crazy side effects. But you can still try this product on your own risk. This Sikander e Azam review includes informations, claims found online.


ViaGro Review

ViaGro is penis enlargement brand that is selling just on places like eBay and Amazon. It is true that pills are not expensive, but results are big question. This is my ViaGro Review based on informations, facts and reviews that I found online.

I checked their claims and I can say a lot of their claims is not possible. In chart they claim that maximum gain can be from 4 to 6 inches. This is really inflated statement. And time in chart – to see typical results is just 45 minutes, while others have few weeks. Such statements are really popular in male enhancement industry, but many times are not true.

This formula includes a lot of different natural ingredients that are also popular in other male enhancement brands. All of these ingredients are natural and should be without any side effects. I can not find dose of each ingredients, which is really important information.

I find some user reviews inside product description.  Please note these testmontials can be created by seller.

An extra 2 inches when flaccid and 3 when hard – shocking success.

Only been using for a month and has worked better than using a pump for almost a year.

Also it is unknown who is manufactuer of this product. Probably is product made in United Kingdom. It is really interesting why product is sold just on eBay and Amazon in case it is so powerful. Also they claim that 98% of people is satisfied with their results. So this product should have amazing results, but does it really have? I personally have doubt about this product.

You may buy this product as it is not expensive and you can post your experience. I will also order soon this product and I will post results of it here on this blog. But why you should wait? It will cost you less than 40$ for three bottles (full course as they say) and you can see results – because ingredients and natural and results vary. As you I will receive any additional informations I will add them to my ViaGro Review.

But you can also put here your thoughts, comments, review or anything about this product – just scroll down.


Progentra Review

Progentra is the brand of the best male enhancement pills on market as the claim. Pills are made from natural ingredients and known herbs like L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali and Butea Superba. All of there ingredients are known and can help you in different ways for your health or sexual activity. This is totally unbiased Progentra review.

I checked Progentra Testmontials site and found out that a lot of reviews there is totally inflated. One testmontial say that some Calvin from WA got 1.3 inch increase just in two weeks. This is really weird as such results can not be received just with some natural pills. But you shouldn’t be suprised – on male enhancement market almost every company provide some extreme results which are usually not accessible.

You probably saw presentation video on first page of their official website. Growth your can see on video is extreme growth and it probably take years and thousands hours of exercise before archiving such growth – but I call this marketing – call to action.

They claim their product is clinically tested, but I can not find any informations about any lab test or something like this. Maybe they just don’t want to reveal such documents or something else.

Progentra is connected in some way with other brands like Biomanix, Tengenix, Formula41 Extreme and few others. I believe these products are really helpful in increasing libido, increasing semen volume, but for penis enlargement these product may lack or you will need a lot of bottles to gain some increase in size. I see a lot of payed reviews about such brands online, so it’s hard to know which are real – but I found some of these products on eBay and Amazon and products don’t have here really great reviews.

Progentra shouldn’t have any side effects because includes just natural ingredients that are well-known. Another thing is we don’t know how much mg of each ingredient is inside. Just make sure to not overdose such pills, because then you can feel some side effects such as nausea, headache or some other things.

Their support is friendly and their are available just through phone. On mail they just offer some kind of technical support. I can say agents are really good trainer and they know how to sell product and also they have a lot of detailed informations about Progentra.

I can find some video reviews on Youtube and comments below, but I think these are paid reviews. Some people are commeting about product and some says that product works, others are not satisfied – this is probably because natural product have different effect on every human. Rexadrene results are not predictable and you may see some gain or not.

I don’t suggest you to buy Progentra in some store, eBay or Amazon because most likely you will get fake product. Only legit place where you can buy Progentra is their official website. They said they product in manufactured in United States. This explain price of product, but still their profit on every sold bottle is still really great. But it’s true they spend a lot of money for marketing – to get sales and exposure of product.


This is improved version of products like Tengenix and Biomanix and should work better as these two products. Product is little expensive and they charge you expensive international shipping. They open always new company for their new product – that is really strange. We can see on bottle manufacturer name is BioLabs, but I can’t find any information about this company. This is new product on market and we I can’t find a lot of real reviews (I don’t care about paid reviews). Some people say it works, others are not satisfied with product. But testmontials on their site and obsolutely not reliable. Whole their site is created really well to convince people to buy their product. As natural product works on every person differently we can’t predirect any results, but don’t expect a three or four inch growth from this product. This is my own Progentra Review based on facts and informations that can be found online.

Vimax Review, Vimax Results – Pills work?

Ultra Vimax Plus is improved version of Vimax pills. Vimax is available on market for over 10 years and they offer live chat support via their website. We can’t complain about support, but what about product? It is worth of money? Check my Vimax Review to get real picture about Vimax pills.

Ultra Vimax Plus have just few ingredients and honestly I can say dose of ingredients is not really high. They should make double concetraction of ingredients because low concentration of ingredients mean low success rate and not really great results. Vimax is really known by people specially in United States.

They said you will see 0.5 inch growth in size per month and 5% gain in girth. Also they claim you can gain 3 – 4 inches in 6 months with their product named Vimax. Success rate of this product is 98% as they said. I personally contacted one supplier of Vimax original capsules in Europe and ask about customers results (based on informations they received from their customers). This supplier (I won’t name it) said that their clients gain 0.8 – 1 inch in about 4 months. So that is not really 0.5 inch per month. But anyway you have to know results vary and you can gain 0.5 inch per month or more or nothing.

Vimax is from natural ingredients and you should not see any side effects. In Vimax we can find supplements that can also help you for other things, not just for your organ. Vimax can also treat mild erectile dysfunction because of some great herbs inside.

Their problem is because shipping take a lot of days and we got some informations that they wait a lot of days to ship order. I don’t doubt in their product, but ingredients are too low to make any high penis enlargement process.

For penis increasement I suggest you some other product as Vimax may not give you results you want. I think they can regret they do not add herbs like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline inside their product. This means your flaccid won’t grow, just erection size should be increased. This is their improved product, but I think it is not improved enough, because some important herbs are not included.

This Vimax Review is based on my own opinion and extensive research. Vimax Results are based on my six months testing of Vimax pills. Results may vary.

SizeGenix Review

SizeGenix Extreme claims to be improved version of penis enlargement pills SizeGenix. Their website looks very aggresive and it is created to convience people to buy this product. As you probably know – reviews on their website are absolutely exagerrated and it is not possible to gain such results just from some magical pills.

Three bottles cost you 97$ and six bottles cost you 179$. But anyway you can try this product, because they offer you money back guarantee. You have to send them empty bottles back and you will receive money back.

It is really hard to contact with them and ask them questions about this product, they usually don’t reply and also their mail of SizeGenix Extreme seems to not working properly. I chatted with agent on phone and agents do not have any idea about product, they are just agents for receiving orders.

Product has some Belizean Man Vine added, but I can not find any real information about this ingredient. Looks like ingredient is not so popular as should be. They claim that after nine weeks your penis will be much improved, but getting some extreme results within nine weeks just with pills is a big question.

Looks like this company is connected with some other male enhancement product brands. You can also get 5% discount, just go to order page and try to close site and they will offer you 5% discount to stay on site. Pills are also endorsed by popular male pornstar, but because of this product shouldn’t get higher credibility. About Nanotrexx Technology that is using pill based on their claims also can not find anything online.

I believe SizeGenix Extreme will give you faster and harder erections, but about size I really doubt. I seached online for real reviews and found that people are mostly not satisfied with product, but maybe you will be satisfied.

This is my own unbiased SizeGenix Extreme review. You can buy pills and after trying post comment on our site.

TenGenix Review

TenGenix is a brand of male enhancement pills that claims to increase penile tissue by as much as 40%. They guarantee you increase in size, stamina and sexual desire. I can found out information that formula or whole product is created by BioLabs. This is my own TenGenix Review and I don’t get paid for it.

I can say this company don’t have any public website and there is not any informations related to this company, but we can see that TenGenix is sold by company named TenGenix Inc., located in United States. They are not really active through mail support, but they agents on phone are really friendly and can answer any of your questions related to their product.

We can see website of Biomanix is similar as website from their competitors, but these are not really competitors. Behind this product is a huge company that produces a lot of different male enhancement product with different brand names. All products have almost same ingredients and almost same amount of it.

Results shown in their video on official website is totally exaggerated, because there is no such pill that gives such amazing growth as we can see on presentation video. But this is marketing video and such videos need to convince clients to buy product. I personally spoke with them and they say you can reach full potencial of this product (40% penile tissue expension) in 6 month. Their agents confirmed me that they have a lot of reorders, but these are phone agents and they are there to boost sales, so we can not really trust them.

I found a few bad reviews about TenGenix on forums, eBay and Amazon. But I did not found any great and real reviews about this product. We can not say that testmontials on they website are real, because they (and also other companies) are doing all stuff to increase sales of product. People on they website are saying that they 3 inches in 5 weeks and similar things, but that’s absoteluly not possible.

I suggest you to not buy this product from Amazon, eBay or similar websites. Really want to buy product? Then order it through their official website and you also get 90 day money guarantee back. They will return your money in case you return bottles to them within 90 days of the date when you ordered TenGenix products. Product is natural and shouldn’t have any side effects.

Did you tried product and want to post review? Do you have any questions? Post your comment now.