Vimax Review, Vimax Results – Pills work?

Ultra Vimax Plus is improved version of Vimax pills. Vimax is available on market for over 10 years and they offer live chat support via their website. We can’t complain about support, but what about product? It is worth of money? Check my Vimax Review to get real picture about Vimax pills.

Ultra Vimax Plus have just few ingredients and honestly I can say dose of ingredients is not really high. They should make double concetraction of ingredients because low concentration of ingredients mean low success rate and not really great results. Vimax is really known by people specially in United States.

They said you will see 0.5 inch growth in size per month and 5% gain in girth. Also they claim you can gain 3 – 4 inches in 6 months with their product named Vimax. Success rate of this product is 98% as they said. I personally contacted one supplier of Vimax original capsules in Europe and ask about customers results (based on informations they received from their customers). This supplier (I won’t name it) said that their clients gain 0.8 – 1 inch in about 4 months. So that is not really 0.5 inch per month. But anyway you have to know results vary and you can gain 0.5 inch per month or more or nothing.

Vimax is from natural ingredients and you should not see any side effects. In Vimax we can find supplements that can also help you for other things, not just for your organ. Vimax can also treat mild erectile dysfunction because of some great herbs inside.

Their problem is because shipping take a lot of days and we got some informations that they wait a lot of days to ship order. I don’t doubt in their product, but ingredients are too low to make any high penis enlargement process.

For penis increasement I suggest you some other product as Vimax may not give you results you want. I think they can regret they do not add herbs like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline inside their product. This means your flaccid won’t grow, just erection size should be increased. This is their improved product, but I think it is not improved enough, because some important herbs are not included.

This Vimax Review is based on my own opinion and extensive research. Vimax Results are based on my six months testing of Vimax pills. Results may vary.