Progentra Review

Progentra is the brand of the best male enhancement pills on market as the claim. Pills are made from natural ingredients and known herbs like L-Arginine, Tribulus Terrestris, Maca Root, Muira Puama, Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali and Butea Superba. All of there ingredients are known and can help you in different ways for your health or sexual activity. This is totally unbiased Progentra review.

I checked Progentra Testmontials site and found out that a lot of reviews there is totally inflated. One testmontial say that some Calvin from WA got 1.3 inch increase just in two weeks. This is really weird as such results can not be received just with some natural pills. But you shouldn’t be suprised – on male enhancement market almost every company provide some extreme results which are usually not accessible.

You probably saw presentation video on first page of their official website. Growth your can see on video is extreme growth and it probably take years and thousands hours of exercise before archiving such growth – but I call this marketing – call to action.

They claim their product is clinically tested, but I can not find any informations about any lab test or something like this. Maybe they just don’t want to reveal such documents or something else.

Progentra is connected in some way with other brands like Biomanix, Tengenix, Formula41 Extreme and few others. I believe these products are really helpful in increasing libido, increasing semen volume, but for penis enlargement these product may lack or you will need a lot of bottles to gain some increase in size. I see a lot of payed reviews about such brands online, so it’s hard to know which are real – but I found some of these products on eBay and Amazon and products don’t have here really great reviews.

Progentra shouldn’t have any side effects because includes just natural ingredients that are well-known. Another thing is we don’t know how much mg of each ingredient is inside. Just make sure to not overdose such pills, because then you can feel some side effects such as nausea, headache or some other things.

Their support is friendly and their are available just through phone. On mail they just offer some kind of technical support. I can say agents are really good trainer and they know how to sell product and also they have a lot of detailed informations about Progentra.

I can find some video reviews on Youtube and comments below, but I think these are paid reviews. Some people are commeting about product and some says that product works, others are not satisfied – this is probably because natural product have different effect on every human. Rexadrene results are not predictable and you may see some gain or not.

I don’t suggest you to buy Progentra in some store, eBay or Amazon because most likely you will get fake product. Only legit place where you can buy Progentra is their official website. They said they product in manufactured in United States. This explain price of product, but still their profit on every sold bottle is still really great. But it’s true they spend a lot of money for marketing – to get sales and exposure of product.


This is improved version of products like Tengenix and Biomanix and should work better as these two products. Product is little expensive and they charge you expensive international shipping. They open always new company for their new product – that is really strange. We can see on bottle manufacturer name is BioLabs, but I can’t find any information about this company. This is new product on market and we I can’t find a lot of real reviews (I don’t care about paid reviews). Some people say it works, others are not satisfied with product. But testmontials on their site and obsolutely not reliable. Whole their site is created really well to convince people to buy their product. As natural product works on every person differently we can’t predirect any results, but don’t expect a three or four inch growth from this product. This is my own Progentra Review based on facts and informations that can be found online.

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