ViaGro Review

ViaGro is penis enlargement brand that is selling just on places like eBay and Amazon. It is true that pills are not expensive, but results are big question. This is my ViaGro Review based on informations, facts and reviews that I found online.

I checked their claims and I can say a lot of their claims is not possible. In chart they claim that maximum gain can be from 4 to 6 inches. This is really inflated statement. And time in chart – to see typical results is just 45 minutes, while others have few weeks. Such statements are really popular in male enhancement industry, but many times are not true.

This formula includes a lot of different natural ingredients that are also popular in other male enhancement brands. All of these ingredients are natural and should be without any side effects. I can not find dose of each ingredients, which is really important information.

I find some user reviews inside product description.  Please note these testmontials can be created by seller.

An extra 2 inches when flaccid and 3 when hard – shocking success.

Only been using for a month and has worked better than using a pump for almost a year.

Also it is unknown who is manufactuer of this product. Probably is product made in United Kingdom. It is really interesting why product is sold just on eBay and Amazon in case it is so powerful. Also they claim that 98% of people is satisfied with their results. So this product should have amazing results, but does it really have? I personally have doubt about this product.

You may buy this product as it is not expensive and you can post your experience. I will also order soon this product and I will post results of it here on this blog. But why you should wait? It will cost you less than 40$ for three bottles (full course as they say) and you can see results – because ingredients and natural and results vary. As you I will receive any additional informations I will add them to my ViaGro Review.

But you can also put here your thoughts, comments, review or anything about this product – just scroll down.


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