Vimax Pills – Vimax Review, Vimax Results

Vimax Pills are male enhancement pills. Vimax is available on market for over 10 years and they offer live chat support via their website. We can’t complain about support, but what about product? It is worth of money? Check my real Vimax Review to get real picture about Vimax Pills.

Ultra Vimax Plus have just few ingredients and honestly I can say dose of ingredients is not really high. They should make double concetraction of ingredients because low concentration of ingredients mean low success rate and not really great results. Vimax is really known by people specially in United States.

They said you will see 0.5 inch growth in size per month and 5% gain in girth. Also they claim you can gain 3 – 4 inches in 6 months with their product named Vimax. Success rate of this product is 98% as they said. I personally contacted one supplier of Vimax original capsules in Europe and ask about customers results (based on informations they received from their customers). This supplier (I won’t name it) said that their clients gain 0.8 – 1 inch in about 4 months. So that is not really 0.5 inch per month. But anyway you have to know results vary and you can gain 0.5 inch per month or more or nothing – but based on my research (almost) nobody gain like 2 – 4 inches with Vimax Pills – this is just their marketing.

Scroll down the page to find the best alternative for Vimax – Vimax is not good.

Vimax is from natural ingredients and you should not see any side effects. In Vimax we can find supplements that can also help you for other things, not just for your organ. Vimax can also treat mild erectile dysfunction because of some great herbs inside. But still how can they claim you gain 0.5 inch per month – but product is total natural and works very differently for everybody – they can not guarantee this.

Their problem is because shipping take a lot of days and we got some informations that they wait a lot of days to ship order. I don’t doubt in their product, but ingredients are too low to make any high penis enlargement process.

Also they do not use any vasodilation ingredient which can make results permanent or semi-permanent. This mean results will dissapear after some time – like few days! Are you sure you want to spend over 100 dollars to wait for results few months and after stop taking results will dissapear in few days! That is a big problem of Vimax. Some important vasodilation ingredients and L-Citrulline, L-Arginine and these can not be found in Vimax Pills. 

For penis increasement I suggest you some other product as Vimax may not give you results you want. I think they can regret they do not add herbs like L-Arginine and L-Citrulline inside their product. This means your flaccid won’t grow, just erection size should be increased (little). This is their improved product, but I think it is not improved enough, because some important herbs are not included.

Another problem is we cannot find where Vimax team is actually based – looks like their company is registered in British Virgin Islands, but billing and affiliate program and both provided by other companies. Their website is the same for a years and looks like they also have other project because they are not improving their services, products or maybe just competition little crashed them.

This Vimax Review is based on my own opinion and extensive research. Vimax Results are based on my six months testing of Vimax Pills. Results may vary. Few years ago FDA found hidden drug in Vimax Pills, but looks like they resolved this problem – you can still find this warning about hidden drug in Vimax on official FDA website. Please note Vimax Review is based on my strong research.


  • Long time on market
  • Natural product
  • Can solve mild ED
  • Can increase erection hardness
  • Some herbs that may help general health


  • Pretty high product for such ingredients dose
  • Slow shipping (some people report it)
  • Old looking website which do not show trust
  • Staff seems to be from India (cheap workers)
  • Needs long time to start working
  • Some time ago FDA published warning about hidden drug in Vimax
  • Not permanent as they claim!

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In Vimax there is just 234 mg of ingredients, but in other pills I suggest is 1357 mg of ingredients.

In Vimax to a lot of countries you have to pay shipping, but in other pills I suggest is FREE SHIPPING.

Vimax takes longer to ship and receive package as pills brand I suggest. Also I found online that some people did not received Vimax Pills even after few weeks, but pills I recommend I received in less than 7 days.

Brand of pills I suggest have 24/7 live chat, telephone and email support, but Vimax does not have this anymore.

Also Vimax results are not permanent because of no vasodilator ingredients, pills I recommend are having much more ingredients and even provide semi-permanent results because of vasodilator ingredients – this means about about 80% will stay and could be more in case you perform exercises and also other results like hardness stay for a long time – I tried Male Extra myself.

Pills I suggest actually give much better results than Vimax and that is main reason I suggest Male Extra pills (read my review) as number one pills.

To get more informations about pills or talk with them on live chat or anything else about pills click here to visit my Male Extra review with my results .

I tried many pills including Vimax, but Male Extra pills are the best for me – so now I rank them as best male enhancement pills.

Also you don’t have to worry – Male Extra pills come with 60 day money back guarantee. In case you are not satisfied you can send them back and you receive 100% of your money back. So nothing to lose and pretty much to gain. I am not suprised because Male Extra are one of the most selling male enhancement stuff online.

Product rating :

I see first results after 2 months of use. And their claim about 0.5 inch increase per month is not true.
Erections are harder and I last little longer, but not worth the money.

Product rating :

Why I bought Vimax. They are full of promises but pills are worth NOTHING. Also FDA some years ago found some unknown ingredient in their pills. I will request money back…

Product rating :

Low quantity of ingredients, slow working and expensive product. I will never again buy these pills.
I saw no side effects. They need to invest more money in research of such products.
Other male enhancements pills are beating them.